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Tree cutting

Tree cutting is our specialty, and we pride ourselves on helping New Yorkers achieve the best yard possible via our tree services. We can do this because we own some of the most massive chippers and equipment in NYC. We’ll take care of any cutting that you need and at any time of the day, offering 24-hour tree services in New York City seven days a week. No emergency or unforeseen event is too challenging for us because we have years of experience backing us up.

Tree maintenance should be performed every 2 to 4 years to ensure that they remain healthy and don’t cause any threats that could have been avoided otherwise. Some irregularities that you should look out for are:

  • Large amounts of bark missing from your tree
  • New bark isn’t growing in where bark has fallen off
  • Leaves are sticking to the branches of a tree during the winter instead of falling off
  • Fungi, like mushrooms, are growing on the tree
  • The trunk of the tree has a crack or multiple vertical cracks
  • New branches are growing from the base of the tree that can resemble miniature trees

If you have noticed any of these signs on one or many of your trees, you should give us a call immediately for our tree services in New York City. We will prevent further damage with proper cutting techniques. When the situation is beyond repair, we’ll inform you of how the tree must be cut down.

Tree Removal – Tree Services in New York City

Since we have some of the largest equipment in NYC, we can remove trees of all sizes. Not every company can offer this kind of guarantee because they cut corners on the quality of their tools. If a company is renting their equipment, it could take several more days to complete service than it should.

If any of the signs that are listed above have been happening to your tree for a long time, it’s most likely time to remove it. Skinny twigs that aren’t producing any leaves are a sign of a sick tree as well. When any of the leaves on the tree seem to have nodules on them and have very irregular veins, you should give us a call.

We will be able to tell you if the tree needs to be removed after doing an evaluation. Our understanding of how long a tree can withstand any damage or disease can save your tree from being cut down. However, if it does need to be removed, we’ll give you an affordable rate for permanent removal and also on our various tree services in New York City upon request.

When a tree is too close to your house, you’ll want to cut it down as well. Besides the possibility of branches falling off or the entire tree landing on your house during a strong storm, mold can grow on your siding and damage your home, which will cause an additional expense that you could avoid with regular maintenance.

Storm clean-up

A strong storm can devastate your property if any branches are loose or if the tree is already weak from decay. Your home, your car, and any other important aspects of your property could have debris that can’t be moved without the proper equipment. In addition to helping you get rid of all the wreckage scattered around your property, we’ll help you prevent incidents like this from happening in the future.

Our licensed tree service professionals will inspect any other trees that you may have for potential threats. If they find anything alarming, they’ll implement preventative trimming to your trees to help give you peace of mind. You can rest easy because the trimming they’ll do will strengthen the tree’s structure and give it a better chance of withstanding a storm.

If you’ve recently moved into your home, you should give us a call so that we can assess your property for any potential threats. Not every property owner understands that trees require maintenance to stay healthy. Act by getting a free consultation from us so we can show you what needs to be done or if your property has already had its necessary maintenance.

Eliminate the possibility of debris flying across your yard and striking you. This kind of injury happens more frequently than it should just because the warning signs of a tree becoming brittle are often ignored. Call us now at (718) 347-0280 so we can help you protect your property through our tree services in New York City.